About Roux Lily

Roux Lily Boutique started because the owner Christy wanted a change in her life. She needed something that helped keep her busy (like being a mom of 3 boys wasn’t busy enough ha!) and helped her pursue her passion for entrepreneurship. She has always loved clothes and how they can make you feel put together and free. Why not start a clothing boutique where she can have all the cute clothes you can dream of? Also she wanted to help women of all sizes feel included and beautiful no matter the number on the tag. She herself has struggled for years of low self esteem and worthiness so creating this company has helped her dream big, love hard and grow as a person. She is there every step of the way and hopes to one day have a table big enough for everyone to have a seat at it. 
The name Roux Lily (pronounced Roo-Li-lee) came in part from her family’s dog Roux who they call Rougaroux (the Louisiana swamp werewolf) for short who was born in Baton Rouge. When Christy and her family moved to Louisiana she knew she wanted a Louisiana name for her company and has always loved her dogs name since they got her so she thought why not! She chose Lily because if you've ever ridden through the swamp on a boat you can find numerous lily pads all over. She loves flowers also and Lilies are a favorite, and it sounded cute with Roux so it was the perfect fit.