Why, Hello there!

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Hey! Hey! Hey!

First and foremost I am NOT a writer and I still struggle with correct grammar so I am stating this now, this is a no judgment zone lol! I will most likely have a typo or a mistake in grammar sooner or later. This is a positive place to share our struggles and fun things. So yeah, be nice okay! ;) 

Any way, I decided to start this blog for a multitude of reasons the main one being I want to share fun items with you. Whether they come from my shop or other stores. My hope is you can find something for you and something you love while you're here. Also I enjoy fashion and beauty and wanted to create a space for this and I already had the shop open and ready so why not add in the blog!

I am hoping to be able to churn out a post a week/every other week possibly. Comments will be turned on so I hope you would comment to share what you loved about the post. 

Thank you for your continued support and being here! I love sharing my passion with an audience and loving on all of you! 

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